• Accepting Deposits

    Liberty International Bank Limited offers several deposit products like current accounts and time deposits accounts in foreign currencies.

    These products are tailored for high net-worth individuals, corporate clients and market counterparties.

    We do not take deposits in UAE Dirhams, nor deposits from UAE Market.

    In delivering the activity of “Accepting Deposits”, Liberty International Bank Ltd builds on the Group’s expertise, competency and current leadership position to effectively create a client-centric model.
  • Providing Credit

    Liberty International Bank Limited offers a set of credit solutions to corporates and market counterparties.

    In providing credit, we leverage on the Group’s existing corporate relationships, expertise and brand to effectively deliver credits.
  • Money Services

    Liberty International Bank Limited provides currency exchange, money transfers and related money market operations. However, We don’t undertake foreign exchange transactions involving the UAE Dirham.
  • Dealing in Investments

    Liberty International Bank Limited buys, subscribes and underwrites various financial instruments (such as bonds, foreign exchange instruments and derivatives etc.) on behalf of its clients. This will be driven by client demand and as a result, a wide range of products will be traded.
  • Providing Custody

    Liberty International Bank Limited offers safeguarding to its clients financial instruments that are acquired through the bank and provides information on the securities and their issuers.