Our Subsidiaries

LIB is a fully-owned subsidiary of Societe Générale de Banque au Liban SAL. (SGBL)
SGBLSGBL is the parent company of SGBL group which encompasses a broad range of financial and non -financial services delivered by specialized subsidiaries. SGBL, SGBJ (Jordan) and SGBCy (Cyprus) the Group’s banks, operate according to the universal banking model. The Group’s other businesses include: life insurance (SGBL Insurance), leasing (Sogelease Liban), financial brokerage (Fidus) and credit card processing (CTM).
Société Générale de Banque – Jordanie

Société Générale de Banque Jordanie

SGBJ operates as a universal bank and is listed on the Amman Stock Exchange...  
Société Générale Bank – Cyprus

Société Générale Bank Cyprus

SGBCy is part of SGBL Group since 2009. It operates 5 branches across the island...  
Sogecap Liban

SGBL Insurance

Life insurance company that ranks among the top 10 life insurance companies in Lebanon. SGBL Insurance offers a complete range of life insurance products based on contingency and capitalization....  
Sogelease Liban

Sogelease Liban

Provider of financial leasing solutions, Sogelease Liban offers professionals...  


Financial institution that provides a full range of investment, wealth management...  

Centre de traitement Monétique (CTM)

Specialized in credit card management, CTM is an electronic card processing company...