Our Subsidiaries

LIB is a fully-owned subsidiary of Societe Générale de Banque au Liban SAL. (SGBL)
SGBLSGBL is the parent company of SGBL group which encompasses a broad range of financial and non -financial services delivered by specialized subsidiaries. SGBL, SGBJ (Jordan) and SGBCy (Cyprus) the Group’s banks, operate according to the universal banking model. The Group’s other businesses include: life insurance (Sogecap Liban), leasing (Sogelease Liban), financial brokerage (Fidus) and credit card processing (CTM).
Société Générale de Banque – Jordanie

Société Générale de Banque Jordanie

SGBJ operates as a universal bank and is listed on the Amman Stock Exchange...  
Société Générale Bank – Cyprus

Société Générale Bank Cyprus

SGBCy is part of SGBL Group since 2009. It operates 5 branches across the island...  
Sogecap Liban

Sogecap Liban

Life insurance company that ranks among the top 10 life insurance companies in Lebanon...  
Sogelease Liban

Sogelease Liban

Provider of financial leasing solutions, Sogelease Liban offers professionals...  


Financial institution that provides a full range of investment, wealth management...  

Centre de traitement Monétique (CTM)

Specialized in credit card management, CTM is an electronic card processing company...